Due to its durability, reliability and the best price/quality ratio there are as many as 6 000 pieces of our cardio equipment in Poland. SportsArt cardio is the most commonly chosen by the biggest chain clubs, however they also work well in smaller local clubs or hotel gyms. SportsArt Cardio systems can also be found in 200 best Polish Army units and Polish Fire Brigade units.

The fact that a soldier or a fire fighter equipped with 20 kg of accesories is able to train on a treadmill is due the following solutions: running belts are supported with kevlar, automatic board greasing, frame construction based on cold formed elements.

We are proud to set the trends for others. We, ourselves, have been ecologically inspired and now we are happy to be an inspiration for others to develop ecological technologies.

SportsArt was the first in the industry to introduce ecological treadmill motors called ECO-DRIVE™ that save up to 34% electricity comparing to the other devices in the industry. Energy Smart™ is another technology that saves energy consumption of a treadmill working in a club. Each equipped in Energy Smart™ treadmill is able to go to the standby mode when it has been idle for a moment. It is especially useful when there are not that many people in a club. Energy Smart™ is fully programmable and adjustable to a user.





Green System


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