Green System is the newest technology in the world of fitness. It is the first solution of its kind fo facility owners who want to use cardio equipment to offset energy costs with human power.

The kinetic energy produced by exercising on Green System equipment in the fitness club is transformed into electricity and fed back into the power grid.

System doesn't require any battery set, because power is not being collected but directly used by the devices that are currently working in the club. In this way we can supply televisions, refrigerators, lighting and sauna at the club. Everything depends on the amount of the GS devices and their use by club members.

With 16 Green System devices a club may produce up to 22 kWh a day. This can power the following machines in a club (see the chart):

 Number of devicesSingle power unitEnergy consumed during 12h of work
2 air conditioners1200 watt12 KWh
2 large refrigerators200 watt2 KWh
4 LED 40" TV's25 watt1,2 KWh
2 computers with scaner and printer65 watt1,6 KWh
40 bulbs 10 watt4,8 KWh
The total number of KWh per day21,6 KWh

Green System devices are extremely efficient.
To supply solenoids, computer and displays you only need 25% of the energy produced by a training user.
The rest of that is as much as 75% of produced energy goes directly to the mains.


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